Aims and Objectives


Ground floor, grassroots, umbrella alliance to maximise the number of pro-indy MSPs elected to the Scottish Parliament at the Holyrood 2021 elections.


Whether we have our IndyRef2 in 2021 or not, we need to ensure that a supermajority of pro-indy MSPs, representative of the whole YES movement, are elected to the Scottish Parliament at the next Holyrood elections.


We want to ensure the SNP stands unopposed in every constituency in 2021, backed by the whole of the YES movement, and ensure that even potential indy voters who wouldn’t normally vote SNP are encouraged to vote for them in every Scottish constituency at the 2021 election.

We want to build as strong an alliance as possible – formal or informal – with smaller Yes parties, Yes groups and Yes independents, to stand solely on the list across the regions of Scotland. The aim is to maximise the number of pro-independence MSPs, and minimise the number of Unionists elected, on the list.

Because of the way the Additional Member System works, many hundreds of thousands of mainly indy supporting voters voted SNP in 2016 only to see their vote not count towards any additional pro-indy MSPs. Because the SNP was so successful in the constituencies, the Both Votes SNP strategy saw only a tiny handful of SNP MSPs elected on the list, despite the large pro-indy, SNP vote.

Action for Independence, standing on the list but NOT in the constituencies, and supported by the whole of YES, could win many more seats for the independence movement, increase the diversity and talents of the YES movement in the Scottish Parliament, and do so to achieve three fundamental objectives:

  1. To secure IndyRef2
  2. To secure Independence itself
  3. To support Scotland and the Scottish Government through the subsequent independence negotiation process.

This would be the united objective that Action for Independence would present and promise to the growing independence electorate. Beyond that parties involved would be able to raise and argue their own program, and groups and individuals would vote in Parliament on other matters according to their conscience.

We need YOU, your energy, enthusiasm, ideas and support!