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Meet the senior members of the Action for Independence team.

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This section will come online at the conclusion of candidate lists being finalised.


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Max The yes report

Read AFI’s 32 page report into the maths behind #MAXtheYes and why it is so important to give AFI your regional list vote.


At AFI we seek to build cooperation on the regional ballot. Putting Scotland before party in order to deliver independence.




Read the AFI route-map, a statement of intent and dedication to the shared cause of Independence for Scotland.

A simple introduction to how the regional ballot works

Frequently asked questions

Because of the way the Additional Members System works, hundreds of thousands of Independence supporters voted SNP 1&2 in 2016, only to see their votes not count towards any additional pro-independence MSPs

The SNP did so well in the constituencies that the Both Votes SNP strategy saw them return only a tiny handful of pro-indy MSPs in the lists, leaving the door open for Unionists who don’t represent the views of our communities.

We aim to build an alliance -formal or informal – of smaller YES parties, YES groups and independent YES activists to stand on the lists across the whole of Scotland, so that together we can maximise the number of pro-independence MSPs elected.

The ‘Max the Yes’ strategy would return a rock solid majority of pro-indy MSPs so that the entire YES movement – including the SNP – can focus on achieving Independence.

Neither do we.

We believe the route to independence is to leave the SNP unopposed in the constituencies. 

We would stand only in the list section.

The Both Votes SNP stratgey doesn’t return results that reflect the true values of the Scottish people. By standing only on the lists we can ensure a pro-indy majority across the political landscape and support the SNP in realising our collective goal – an independent Scotland.

We want to ensure that the SNP stands unopposed in the constituencies, backed by the entire YES family.


Here’s why:

It’s already split. In fact, it’s two votes, under two very different electoral systems.

One is a familiar, Westminster-style, ‘First Past The Post’ election for 73 constituencies, loosely based on the old, pre-2005 Westminster ones.

The other one is very different, a regional list election using the d’Hondt (or Additional Member System) method.

This means that at each stage of the count (and there are 7 Additional Members for each of the 8 regions) a party’s vote is divided by the number of seats it has already won in that region + 1.

Combining the two systems to elect one parliament is a fudge. It gives a result that in most cases is roughly proportional, without actually being a proportional system.

But it has glitches. One is that when a party does sufficiently well in the constituency section, as the SNP did in 2016, it can become all but mathematically impossible for them to win list seats.

In 2016, with an increased vote, the SNP gained 6 constituencies, and lost 12 list seats, leaving only 4, 

Current polling at time of writing indicates the SNP could win 70 constituencies. 

A million list votes could be cast for the SNP in 2021 and lead to not a single list seat being won.

All of us must vote with our conscience. However, our aim is to set up a broad-based YES alliance that every Yesser can vote for on the list.

We have put in place a structure that allows all smaller YES parties to work together with AFI to bring that about, if they choose.

With your help we want to build an alliance that is representative of all of YES, but by definition no single political party can do that.

No, not at all.

Action for Independence is not just a party, it’s  an alliance seeking to represent all of YES and every indy supporter.

We welcome a converstation with all of the smaller Yes parties, groups and independents on how to Max the Yes in May.  They will all be free to continue their other party business as usual, and to promote and argue their own policies.

All we want to do is bring the independence vote together to correct the anomaly that keeps seeing unionists returned to Holyrood despite a pro-independence majority in our communities.

Action for Independence has broad principles rather than policies as such, because we aren’t a traditional party.

All participants will be free to promote their own policies, within the broad social justice, sustainability, equality and diversity commitments of our constitution.

We will just be working together to achieve three core aims, and these constitute the only ‘policies’ we would expect all who come on board to subscribe to:

1. To secure Indyref2

2. To secure Independence itself and

3. To support Scotland and the Scottish Government through the subsequent independence negotiation process.

Even if we were to secure our independence this year, we would still need to ensure – more than ever – a big pro-independence majority in the Scottish Parliament in 2021. 

What would be the point in winning our independence just for the unionists to sabotage it?

 Max the YES:

 SNP 1 in the constituencies

Action for Independence 2 on the regional list will be needed whatever situation we find ourselves in. 

We are not at the stage of selecting candidates yet – that will be done democratically once everyone has had the opportunity to get involved.

Our selection procedure has been agreed unanimously by our Steering Group, our regional teams, and is fair, democratic and inclusive.

Ultimately the Yes groups, members and parties who become involved will decide democratically who our candidates will be, with AFI activists and supporting Yes groups in each region having a big say.

Nobody yet, so far all time and skills that have gone into the setting up process have been donated on a voluntary basis.

As we grow there will no doubt be a need to raise funds.

This will be done in an open, transparent and fully accountable manner.

Now we are launched officially we will fundraise just like any other party or indy organisation – from the grass roots.

We have no rich backers. 

Action for Independence needs you, your energy, your enthusiasm, your ideas and your support.

Independence will not be one person’s achievement. We will only realise our collective dream if we work as a team to make it happen.

We all have a part to play in building an independent Scotland.

Come along to a meeting near you – details to be announced.

Join or get involved via social media through the buttons below.


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